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The Widgetkit Accordion enables you to display a set of items in a compact space. When clicking on each item's header, it expands or collapses its content section.


  • Clean and very lightweight code
  • Responsive design to fit all device resolutions
  • Smooth transitions on content section toggle
  • Option to automatically match the height of varying content
  • Option to auto collapse or allow multiple opened items
  • Built with HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5.3+ and the latest jQuery version
  • Works with Joomla and WordPress


<div data-particles='{"color":"auto", "opacity": 0.35}'> ... </div>


This trendy effect simulates randomly moving particles being connected by lines that follow your cursor, sort of like zodiac signs. You can set the particles to be black, white or to adapt automatically to the background color that they are placed upon.


Based on Google’s Material Design, the we’ve added a ripple effect to certain UI elements, like buttons. It responds to the position that you click on, thus creating an interactiveness to all actions. There's no additional markup necessary.

How To Use

The Widgetkit Accordion lets you easily create and manage all the accordion's contents through the user-friendly Widgetkit administration interface. After you have created an accordion, you can load it anywhere on your website using shortcodes or the universal Widgetkit Joomla module or WordPress widget.